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Monochrome Cupcakes, Thai Noodles

Now that The Boyfriend has been gone for 6 weeks, it appears I’ve gotten into a little routine, which I shall call ‘The Fat Hermit Routine’. Now before you start feeling sorry for me and going ‘awwwww’, I’d like to state that I only go into ‘Fat Hermit’ mode on a Sunday, the rest of my week is completely freestyled (apart from Zumba Tuesdays and Booiaka Fridays anyway. OK, so maybe I AM in a but of a routine…) and I save my sad sap days for Sundays. Fat Hermit Sundays basically involve me not leaving the flat and baking something extremely fattening, but equally delicious. Try and get between me and these Sundays with my oven and mixing bowls and you will meet resistance. Today though, I think I totally deserve my Sunday hermitising, if you will, after attending a gorgeous wedding of a childhood friend which was lovely but after 9 hours in heels me and my feet needed a rest! Rest to me apparently means whipping up a batch of cupcakes. These came from the same book I used for the rhubarb cupcakes, The Primrose Bakery book, and again the cupcakes were immensely successful. They were cookies and cream cupcakes, which are basically chocolate cupcakes covered in vanilla buttercream (the recipe asks for marshmallow icing but this looked like too much work, so I stuck with my old favourite vanilla) with crushed Oreo cookies crumbled on top. They are amazing. The cake itself is ridiculously light and fluffy with a deep chocolate taste, as unlike many cake recipes, this contains real chocolate instead of just cocoa powder. Combine this cake heaven with buttercream nirvana and you’ve reached cupcake bliss. Finished off with crunchy Oreos, yum. Luckily for me, they are very sweet so one is most definitely enough. Although I did eat an absolute truckload of leftover cake mix and icing, as you’ve probably worked out by now restraint and self discipline isn’t my strong point. I’m also immensely pleased with how pretty they look in their simple monochrome presentation, and the little specks of cookie dust and rubble strewn atop the icing. Gorgeous. I’ve turned into a bit of a cupcake fiend lately, the sugar highs seem to be helping with missing The Boyfriend. Some Amazon reviews on this book moan about the high sugar content of the cakes. Christ, if you don’t want to eat lots of sugar then don’t eat cupcakes, idiots. Common sense! I just thank God for my gym membership and eat cupcakes regardless of sugar content.



Moving on from the cupcakes, on Friday after a Booiaka dance lesson (ladies, I highly recommend, you just dance like Beyonce to 90s RnB for an hour. I say like Beyonce, but the mirrors in the studio have shattered any illusions about my dancing ability. I just don’t look in them anymore) I made Pad Thai noodles from Rick Steins book ‘Far Eastern Odyssey’. Now I’m not a huge fan of Stein, but you can’t argue with how good the food from countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam is. All of the recipes in this book look very very edible, but while it’s commendable that Rick encourages authentic cooking, recipes that are either too long winded or include impossible to find ingredients I’m just not going to cook. For a bowl of noodles, I’m not going to make an Asian stock or tamarind water thank you very much. And I don’t live in a huge city with food markets on every corner, so hunting down rare ingredients just isn’t possible unless I spent a fortune online. However, I decided to overlook this Friday night to finally use the book after 2 years of it gathering dust and made the simplest recipe from it. I’ve avoided Pad Thai in the past as it contains peanuts which I hate, but I realise now that once combined with all the other ingredients they are just a background taste. The noodles were very nice, had a good kick from the sweet chilli sauce and it was super quick to prepare. Prawns are a great option here as they take barely any time to cook at all, but I’m sure you could just as easily add strips of chicken or beef if that’s what your heart desired. I’ve decided that even though I’ve never been before, my heart (or at the very least my palette) belongs to Thailand, I’ve not yet met a Thai dish I didn’t like. Better start saving for a plane ticket! Or at the very least book a table at the delicious Thai restaurant in town once The Boyfriend returns next month.



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