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You Must Be Jerking

Hear that sound, devoted blog readers? Yes, that is the sound of yours truly scraping the barrel. Not content with no blog entries for several weeks, doing barely any cooking and completely neglecting my reputation as cookbook obsessed food eater and blogger extraordinaire, I’ve now resorted to stealing titles from food products in a bid to lure you in with a witty title. Sorry.
With The Boyfriend being back its safe to say we’ve been busy attempting to get the house into reasonable shape so time for cooking has been in short supply. I’m now also ready to throw my slow cooker and George Foreman grill out of the window, so fed up am I of having to cook in them. I look back on a couple of months ago at the bright eyed and bushy tailed blogger (that would be me) joyfully stating that having no oven would force me to use my imagination and that it needn’t be a total nightmare, and cringe. What was I thinking? I’ve now reached my limits with the damn things and have spent a great deal of what free time I do have staring at recipes and photos of baked goods, so desperate am I to whip up a batch myself. The good news is we should be buying an oven at the weekend to last us until we can afford our new kitchen next year. In the words of Kool And The Gang, celebrate good times come on. Oh the possibilities!

Before I get ahead of myself though, let’s focus on what I cooked this week. I use the term ‘cooked’ very lightly. Last Friday I came home to my foodie penpal parcel (which was AMAZING by the way, and will be blogged about later this week) which happened to contain a sachet of jerk seasoning called ‘You Must Be Jerking’ from an online shop called the Spicery. Deciding to jazz up our Monday night salmon, I marinated two fillets in the jerk seasoning, left for a couple of hours then popped on the GF grill. It was delightful and considering the heat from the grill, wasn’t overcooked at all. The marinade was fiercely spicy, warm from the allspice and with an almighty zing from what I’m not 100% sure. It totally transformed the salmon and made a healthy meal much more interesting. The Spicery is definitely getting a repeat order from me; please check them out if you’re in need of jazzing up some plain meals. With a Jamaican seasoning, there was only ever going to be one appropriate accompaniment to this salmon and that was, of course, rice and peas. Not that any self respecting Jamaican would even consider using Uncle Bens Express microwavable rice like I did, which comes out a bit spongy, but it was the nearest I could get. I promise to do it properly next time I make this to do the legendary dish justice. Jerk salmon and rice & peas – salmon need never be boring again.

PS: I know the salmon looks burnt in the photo but it absolutely wasn’t, the jerk marinade is just very dark.


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