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Pancakes and Pears

Todays recipe could be described as perfect hangover food, were it not for the excessive amount of kitchen equipment needed to make them. The recipe is choc chip drop scones with caramelised pears, and to make them I needed: 2 saucepans, a frying pan, chopping board, 2 bowls, an electric whisk, a sieve and plenty of cutlery. A tad excessive for pancakes, but these recipes aren’t going to cook themselves and like I said, this  is the perfect hangover food so needs must! After finally getting out of bed at 3pm today and faffing around for several hours in a post-vodka inebriated state, I decided to scrap having a normal dinner and cook up these pancakes. I wouldn’t normally go to this much effort for just me, but I bought all the ingredients for this when I cooked hunters chicken pie last week for a friend, but she then brought along a lovely cheesecake and after the pie we had no room for any kind of dessert anyway. And the buttermilk needed for them goes out of date in a few days so not wanting to let anything go to waste I had these for dinner. Nigella would certainly approve, although these came from Delicious Magazines April 2010 edition, and not one of her books for once.

These choc chip drop scones (but lets call them pancakes as that is what they are), were very very delicious and brought me back to Earth. Fluffy, with gooey chips of melted chocolate drops and covered with sweet, sticky caramelised pears, heaven. If you ever decide to make caramel please do be careful. Molten hot melted sugar is an absolute bastard if you get any on your skin as it will burn, and on the pain scale is up there with touching your eye just after chopping chillies. I speak as someone who has had the misfortune of doing both so just take my word for it. I’m ashamed to say I’ve put my eyes through chilli pain at least twice. The first time I did it I’d put a ridiculous amount of eye make up on and while running my eye under the cold tap in the bath for 20 minutes to relieve the stinging I then got mascara gunk under my eyelid which only added to the pain. My cheek also swelled up and went bright red for the afternoon, so I looked ravishing! All for a bowl of chilli linguine that just tasted of foolish mistakes once I finally got round to eating it, and that the boyfriend didn’t really like. I’m fairly sure I’ve also done permanent damage to my right eye, it will randomly start tearing up at random moments, and it’s not hay fever or a scratched retina. Still, I do love cooking with chillies and they apparently boost your metabolism so it’s a risk worth taking if it helps burn more calories.


This recipe also calls for a chocolate sauce, but quite frankly there was no way I was going to get another saucepan out, and because of all the caramel I think the chocolate sauce would be overkill. And when I tell you the chocolate sauce would be overkill, you’d better believe it.






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