Lemon Drizzle Fo’ Shizzle

18 Nov

Is there anything better for a lazy, hungover Sunday than a day in front of the telly, a roast dinner and a slice of cake? Not actually suffering from a hangover certainly helps, especially when you consider the amount of margaritas/jaeger bombs/vodkas consumed, so I consider this a most successful Sunday. Knowing the in-laws were coming over today I put it upon myself to bake a cake so we could be most civilised drinking tea and chowing down on some cake, which is how I found myself tackling the mixing bowl and wooden spoon at 10 this morning. I may still have been drunk while making it but that just added to the baking experience. I was looking for a recipe that was simple, comforting, familiar and a tried and tested crowd pleaser, and who else but Nigella could provide such a treat? If you’re sick of me banging on about Nigella, read someone else blog as my reliance on her isn’t ending anytime soon. I picked lemon syrup loaf cake which everyone else knows as lemon drizzle cake, from How To Be A Domestic Goddess. It’s simple as anything to whip up (no actual whipping required) which is a relief to know if you can still taste tequila while making it, complicated techniques and lengthy procedures are definitely not on the cards in such a situation. While the cake’s in the oven I made a lemon syrup which is just icing sugar and the juice of 2 lemons heated up, and poured this over the cake as soon as it came out of the oven. Like practically everything I’ve ever made from this book the lemon cake was a roaring success. Soft as a cloud, sharp from the lemon, moist from the absolute drenching of syrup and with a crunchy, zingy, sugary topping from the remains of the syrup. Textbook. Loaf cakes don’t look particularly fancy but what this one lacked in elegance it completely made up for in taste and texture, proving that sometimes the most simple of things are the most satisfying. I must disagree with Nigella on one point though, and that is the suggestion that this cake serves up to 10 people. I say 6 tops, unless you want to serve up a minuscule sliver to people which to me does not suggest welcoming or generous. If you’re going to have your cake, you may as well eat it too. Other than that, I’ve no complaint with Nigellas recipe. I know I’ve said it before and no doubt I’ll say it again, but HTBADG is an awesome cookbook, filled with a wide array of baking recipes both sweet and savoury that are simple to make and delicious to eat. The Boyfriend, who has no interest in baking whatsoever and little experience in it, even found it a doddle to cook from when he made the chocolate mousse cake for me one Valentines Day. Perfect for beginners but enough in there to keep die hard baking fans busy. As Paul Hollywood (and indeed The Boyfriend who having seen Bake Off once has picked up on the catchphrase) would say, that’s a good bake! (Please excuse my pathetic attempt at a photo, we gobbled most of it up before I realised I needed some photographic proof).


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