Surf ‘n’ turf Saturday

01 Jul

Does this dinner presented below (ignore the presentation and focus on the food!) look like your idea of Saturday dinner heaven? :


If not, then please stop reading, turn around and never darken my door again. We can never be friends! Anyone who could look upon steak with king prawns and mashed potatoes and say ‘meh’ must be either out of their mind or vegetarian. No offence to vegetarians, I respect the fact that meat isn’t for everyone, whether thats down to taste or ethics, but I could never give up meat and would never want to. Last night I was really craving the sort of food that Americans do best and would remind me of holidays over there, so I scoured the Internet to find the perfect dinner. I’ve got quite a few American cookbooks which are all awesome, but when it comes to surf n turf, there isn’t really a great recipe selection unless you want to go down the lobster route. Now I love lobster, and I know I bang on about making an effort with food even if you’re on your own, but even for me, cooking up steak and lobster just for one seemed a tad excessive. Plus I had king prawns in the freezer. The recipe I used came from All Recipes Australia and NZ website, and was steak with prawns in a garlic sauce with mashed potatoes and asparagus. What can I say, it totally scratched the itch for American ‘holiday’ food as it were. The garlic sauce was quite thick and claggy, but tasted of garlic, basil and parsley which made up for the odd texture and brought everything on the plate together well. Sadly I overcooked the steak, barely any trace of blood or pinkness in it, which sadly is how I always end up cooking steak. I don’t know how I do it, I follow advice given by chefs but just can’t master cooking steak, it’s either so rare it’s still mooing, or grey throughout. The steak still tasted nice but would have been nicer had I been able to master the art of medium rare. One day! I piled absolutely loads of asparagus on the plate to try and make up for the butter and delicious red meat, but as it was Saturday night I managed to fight off the guilt pretty easily.

Sticking with the American theme (well it is Independence Day on Wednesday after all) I had pancakes for a post-gym brunch this morning. But these were totally different pancakes called Apple Puff Pancakes from USA by Sheila Lukins (yes, the one where she eats her way around America… bitch). Instead of cooking them in a frying pan, you pour the batter over some cinnamonny and sugary apple chunks in a small pie dish then pop in a really hot oven for 20 minutes. The result is a light, fluffy, risen pancake that tastes of apple and cinnamon. It was so yummy, I’m a big fan of American breakfast and pastry goods as they usually have loads of cinnamon contained within them which wakes the taste buds up first thing in the morning. The Boyfriend detests cinnamon so while he’s still away I may as well cook as much of it as I can. I would have taken a photo of it but while getting it out of the pie dish it fell apart and it’s appearance did not do its taste any justice. So instead of judging it by it’s looks, my words will have to make do. Maple syrup really makes this dish, it tastes wonderfully sweet next to the tartness of apples and warmth of the cinnamon. Thank you very much America, and Happy Independence Day for the 4th!

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