Ode to cookie dough

17 Jun

Oh cookie dough, I love you so
You taste so sweet, make me complete….

In case you hadn’t guessed, I have pretty strong feelings for cookie dough. For something that has the same texture and consistency as wet sand, it’s pretty darn delicious. And in a tub of vanilla ice cream, well, let’s just say food don’t get no better. There are only two flaws to cookie dough, and they are that once cooked it never tastes as good as it did raw, and it contains raw egg. I don’t know how pregnant women do it, 9 months without cookie dough??? I think in future I’m going to have to adopt, I just don’t see how I’m going to be able to do it otherwise. Pregnant women, they’re so brave.
So in case you didn’t know, I baked choc chip cookies today from Nigella Kitchen. Yep, she’s back, me and Nigella, you cant tear us apart. Halfway through baking them, I frustratingly remembered that I had actually made them before and really didn’t like them. It was too late to turn back so i half heartedly scooped the cookies out and baked them with a dull sense of disappointment. Well what can I say, there’s something to be said for low expectations, as these were like a completely different recipe. Last year I remember them being dry, chewy and tasting somewhat like dust, but today they were crisp on the outside and soft and gooey in the middle. Cookie perfection some would say, and just goes to show that one bad attempt at a recipe doesn’t necessarily mean the recipe is bad. I must have just overcooked them last year, it would seem the best cookies need to still be soft in the middle when coming out the oven.


For dinner today I stuck with my Kitchen cookbook. What can I say, when a book is good you go with it. It was tarragon chicken and i must say it was a delightful dinner. The chicken is cooked in wine (always a good way to start a recipe) with spring onions and tarragon, and then once cooked some cream is stirred in and voila. Wine and cream, always a winning combination. The chicken is moist and tender from the wine, and the winey creamy sauce is sublime. I love tarragon, it tastes so good and goes ridiculously well with chicken. It says a lot about a dish when after all the food is gone, you run your fingers over the plate to get all the puddles of sauce left behind. Or maybe it just says a lot about me. Anyway, it’s very nice and being a French dish, gives you a little bit of sophistication on a Sunday night. I served it with jersey royal potatoes and leftover sugar snap peas and baby corn. It made me feel a little less bad about all the cream anyway.



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