Supper Club gratin

02 May

Well I’m back on the cookbook scene today after going AWOL for a bit, and today’s recipe was from my shiny new cookbook ‘Supper Club’ by Kerstin Rodgers. Finally using it after weeks of it floating around the living room just waiting to be put to work in the kitchen. There are lots of really intriguing sounding recipes in this cookbook and because she runs an underground restaurant they are also at times unique and sometimes downright disturbing. 7up salad anyone? In her defence, she puts that salad in a themed menu which is apparently an accurate summary of the food Elvis ate in his final few days. So if you don’t want to die on the toilet, you’d do well to avoid deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, candied yams and deep fried dill pickles. Bleurgh. Saying that, the majority of the recipes look very very edible and the effort she puts into presentation is to be commended.

I decided to start off with a pretty tame, unchallenging recipe- gratin dauphinoise with smoked salmon. The Boyfriend makes an immense dauphinoise potato dish that cannot be bettered, but as he spent the afternoon at work I thought I’d knock this recipe up as he does love smoked salmon. No, it isn’t as good as his but it is different and worth making as a main meal rather than a side dish. It was very tasty, with a carby hit from the potatoes, richness from the cream and some omega goodness from the fish. Fish purists may recoil, but in the last 15 minutes cooking time I grated some cheese over the gratin and obviously this raised the gratins game (melted cheese has an excellent tendency to do this) and gave it a crunchy, cheesy topping which was delicious. Apparently you shouldn’t mix fish and cheese, but what would you rather eat, gratin with cheese or without? Thought so. Rules were made to be broken so mix things up. Kerstin recommends serving this gratin with a green salad, scattered walnuts and a walnut oil dressing, but that shits not gonna fly with the old ball and chain, so we had corn on the cob and garlic bread instead. He liked it, I liked it, everyone’s happy. I suspect this dish would be even nicer on a cold and dark winters evening.



Last night we both did a bit of cooking making homemade pizzas. If you’ve not made pizzas with your other half then you really should try it as it’s a lot of fun. I was in charge of the tomato sauce, he was in charge of the dough. Cue much hilarity from phallic shaped dough and trying to spin the pizza as if we were in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant. But he did make a better dough than I ever could, he may just have the makings of a master baker in him! Chuck your selection of toppings on it (I went for onion, pepper, peppadew peppers and chicken) and plenty of cheese,chuck in the oven for 10 minutes and voila, delicious homemade pizzas! Just don’t put too much cheese on top otherwise you’ll end up with pizza slices that can’t take the pressure and collapse. He learnt that the hard way. I highly recommend making pizzas with someone, it’s quite a bit to do alone and definitely not as much fun as when you’re with someone. We used a recipe from Rachel Allens ‘Home Cooking’ cookbook, but there are so many different recipes online so the possibilities for tasty pizza are endless.

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