01 May

I have to admit that I’ve been a bit lazy this week with the cooking and trying new recipes. The Boyfriend is only back for three weeks and then he’s off again so it’s been all about cooking him his favourite meals or going out. He was a bit miffed that once he goes away he’ll miss out on the British summer but a week of solid rain has made him think maybe it won’t be so bad to be in the sunnier climes of South Africa! So no experimenting with new recipes or dusting off old cookbooks I’m afraid, although I have been getting him to try some of the more successful recipes tried over the last couple of months. Today the broccoli cheese soup is simmering away on the hob as we speak and it smells deeeeeelicious. He isn’t yet convinced that this will be nice even though it’s main ingredient is melted cheese (which could make anything taste amazing) and doesn’t really taste of broccoli either, but there is an emergency chicken soup in the fridge in case. Prepared for all outcomes, that’s me, Bree van de Kamp needs to watch her back!

Anyway, aside from the soup, I’ve not cooked much except my chilli con carne and roast pork. The Boyfriend claims that he could happily eat my chilli 3 times a week so while he’s here I may as well spoil him with it. He never used to like chilli but mine won him round and beat him into submission. I say ‘my chilli’ but it’s something my dad cooked regularly when we were kids and then he taught me to cook it when I was about 18. I just ramped it up a bit by putting in a lot more spices and sweet chilli sauce than normal so it’s not subtle at all but that’s how I like it. I’ve had some really good feedback from others about my chilli so I guess it must be good, unless they were just being polite! But we love it so that’s really all that matters. The good thing about The Boyfriend is he’ll always be completely honest with me about my food so there’s no voice in my head going “he’s just being polite, he hated it really”. It’s like being on Masterchef and presenting the plate to John Torode.

We’ve also eaten out a few times as we’re making the most of our time off together and getting out and about. On a shopping trip to the Bullring yesterday we wangled a free lunch at Wagamama which only made the meal more delicious. Sadly the free meal was not down to any of our charm, beauty or charisma, but for waiting 45 minutes for a bill and then being told to just leave. Fine by me, if I’d known I’d have ordered more! I had mint and lemongrass soba noodles (so tasty and refreshing), he had chilli chicken ramen (always delicious) and we shared some duck gyoza dumplings which came with a hoi sin cherry sauce which are also delicious. And all for free, we definitely had the shopping gods on our side yesterday. I’m not normally a fan of chains but I do love Wagamama, the food is always fresh and tasty and is packed with flavour. If you like Thai or Vietnamese food then Wagamama should be right up your street.

I will be back soon with some more attempts at new recipes before he heads off again, this has probably been quite a boring post so I do apologise if it feels like a diary entry rather than a blog! I shall return!

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