Millionaires Shortbread with a twist…

10 Apr

Right, well I’ve definitely taste tested these beauties thoroughly and the only conclusion I can come to is that they are amazing. It’s Millionaires shortbread with rosemary infused salted caramel and while it sounds completely bizarre it is actually a revelation. It’s from Gizzi Erskines’ book Kitchen Magic which is fast becoming my favourite cookbook. I absolutely adore them, but I can see that these may very easily divide opinion, much like Marmite. If you don’t like rosemary then stick to the original, but otherwise you should at the very least try. In my opinion, I think they are stunning and while the flavour in the caramel is so obviously rosemary, it doesn’t taste at odds with the sweet chocolate, crumbly shortbread and gooey caramel, more enhances it. I normally find millionaires shortbread too sickly, but the rosemary and salt cuts through the sickly sweetness and makes it dangerously edible and addictive. Salted caramel has been a favourite of mine for a while and even just hearing the words makes me want to devour the nearest batch. Rosemary infused salted caramel is a really difficult flavour to describe, so you really should just try it. Obviously you don’t chop up the rosemary into the caramel, because that would be vile and chewy, but while cooking the caramel you chuck two sprigs of rosemary in and then remove once the caramel is cooked. Just don’t stir too vigorously otherwise you’ll end up doing as I did, spending 10 minutes picking out individual rosemary leaves that had been whisked off. Like I said, not everyone will like this, but if you’re one of the people that do you will find that this may be your favourite sweet recipe ever. Give rosemary a new partner besides lamb! Now, time for a coffee and a a slice straight out of the fridge (this absolutely makes up for not having any Easter eggs over the weekend).


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2 responses to “Millionaires Shortbread with a twist…

  1. Victoria Sponge Pease Pudding

    April 10, 2012 at 11:14 pm

    I find the easiest way to remove the rosemary stalks after making the caramel is to push through a sieve. Clear caramel every time with the same rosemary scent! πŸ™‚

  2. cookbookneglector

    April 11, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    Good thinking, now you say it I’m wondering why I didnt think of that?! Making some more to take to family this weekend so will definitely do that, thanks.


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