No Spring Chicken

21 Mar

Today, spring chicken from Nigella Kitchen. I know what you’re thinking, another Nigella recipe, but hey, her cookbooks are great as are the recipes so its hard to keep away! I’m on a Nigella ‘hype’ at the moment, as I believe the kids would say (but what would I know, I made a list of recipes I wanted to cook, then cook them and write the results up, so I’m not exactly what you would call ‘down with the kids’).  I’ve spent the week trying to repent for the cinnamon buns I made on Sunday, so far my week has consisted of going to the gym and circuit class, for which the only positive thing I can say about it is that it didn’t kill me. Have also bought a lot of fruit for my breakfasts (mango, grapes, pineapple, pomegranate seeds), although I’ve used this to justify eating chips and then Mcdonalds for lunch two days in a row. In my defence, I tried to get a Happy Meal today but was subsequently mocked for this, so peer pressure meant I caved and had an ‘adults’ meal. Shame, as the toy looked really good.

Spring chicken was a lovely dinner, it’s sauce is made up of cider, pancetta, leeks, celery, tarragon and garlic so as you would imagine is very fragrant and flavoursome. Once you tell me a sauce has cider in I’m pretty much sold on it, it smells so damn good while cooking and tastes sweet but salty and goes so well with meat. An obvious match would be pork but is just as good with chicken too. I’m not a big drinker, and tend to use alcohol more for cooking than anything else. Wine fans would probably be horrified to know I open a bottle of wine  for a glassful to throw in a recipe, then forget about the rest of the bottle for weeks until it has to be thrown away. There’s a scene in an episode of Peep Show, where Jeremy is in a restaurant drinking expensive wine with a girl, and all he’s thinking is something along the lines of “it’s no Ribena or hot chocolate, but for wine, yum”. This is pretty much my take on wine, I like it but can take it or leave it. Blame it on too many nights out that end with me falling asleep in the bathroom! Good thing I discovered mini bottles of wine to cook with instead. Spring chicken, its not a dinner that wows and stuns, but is a comforting way to end a long day at work. Nigella also gives ideas for leftovers in this book, and for this chicken recipe she recommends stripping the chicken off the bone, and using the sauce and chicken to coat some pasta. So thats lunch tomorrow sorted. I’m trying to avoid freezing leftovers now as the freezer is now absolutely packed with portions of dinners past, so I need to make a dent in these before filling it up again. I don’t like throwing food away!


In other news, it was payday yesterday, so naturally that means more cookbooks – three to be exact. I know, I’ve fallen off the wagon spectacularly with my cookbook binge. In classic addict behaviour, I am apportioning the blame to someone else, and this would be the demon that is Amazon. That tool which tells you ‘Like this? Then you’ll love these’ gets me every time, so I’m now impatiently waiting for “The Book of Jewish Food” by Claudia Roden, “Supper Club” by Kerstin Rodgers, and” USA Cookbook” by  Sheila Lukins. Well at least they are all very different. Just can’t wait to get my hands on them and get cooking!


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