Mexican eggs, Thai salad

03 Mar

Well the boyfriend has gone away for the next 6 weeks for work, which whilst having many, many, many downsides also has some positives. One of the few positives is that I can cook recipes that he would never even entertain the thought of eating or would instantly hate, so for him to be away is quite handy when a lot of the recipes on my challenge list he has already snubbed!  (I’d still rather he was in the same country though). I also now have a bit more time to cook these recipes while he’s away, so cooking and then writing about it may become a lot more frequent, you lucky things!

After working up a bit of a sweat this morning at the gym (I’m on a mission to be able to fit back into my pre-Florida jeans) , I knocked up some Mexican scrambled eggs from Nigella Express. I’ve used this cookbook a LOT and I mean a lot. When I first got it it was practically the only cookbook I used for weeks on end so finding a few recipes from here that I hadn’t tried already was a challenge in itself. Its a really good cookbook with food that is easy to cook, takes no time whatsoever and is very satisfying to eat. Probably isn’t all that healthy though, its a good thing I moved on to other cookbooks in the end, else I could be the size of a car by now! The Mexican eggs were very nice, you fry strips of tortillas until crispy and then add beaten eggs, chilli, tomato and spring onion. It could have been a little hotter so next time I’ll be adding another chilli to make it a bit more interesting and tastier. Its a good substantial breakfast to have after exercising, and probably even better after a big boozy night out. Definitely a nice change to boiled eggs or Coco Pops, although its not much to look at, as you can see.


Dinner tonight was something that the boyfriend had already completely ruled out and to be honest, I put it on the list with some trepidation as it asks things of me that I normally wouldn’t tolerate. A- it is a salad and B- it combines fruit and meat. Let me tell you, salad is not a meal, it is a side dish that you eat to feel bit healthier but never really enjoy, and fruit should never ever meet with meat. Then this little salad came along and blew my mind. Yes, it’s that good. The recipe is Sticky Thai Chicken And Mango Salad and is from Gizzi’s Kitchen Magic which is a beautiful book with some amazing recipes in it. If you see this in a bookshop, pick it up and have a flick through, and I bet your mouth will be salivating by the time you’ve decided you must have this book. Recipes include rosewater and cardamom creme brûlée with pistachios, lamb massaman curry, sticky barbecue chicken wings, and Earl Grey chocolate fudge cake. And it all looks gorgeous. Anyway, I digress, back to the salad. It was seriously good, and my mind is now open to the idea of fruit and meat combined. The chicken thighs were crispy skinned and covered in a sticky spicy glaze, the mango had absorbed the lime and fish sauce dressing and become super juicy and the chilli gave everything a big kick which I loved, but if you’re not a chilli fanatic then you should avoid this recipe. I would never have put mango, coriander, fish sauce and shallots together, and yet it was so good, so tasty and so moreish that I wish I’d tried it years ago. It’s also really refreshing and in the summer would be a perfect way to end a hot day. So many peoples only experience of Thai food is green / red curry, and while they are delicious there is so much more to it. I’ve only just started to branch out with Thai food but already its taught me that salad can be a delicious main meal, who knew? Perhaps next time you’re out for a Thai meal, have something completely different instead of your usual and you may be pleasantly surprised.



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