Trouble already…

02 Feb

Today was going to be the day I started my challenge. Unfortunately today was also the day my oven bulb decided to blow. So instead of a nice hot oven to cook in, I ended up with a vaguely lukewarm oven – great! I’d spent the earlier part of the week going through all 45 of my cookbooks, making a lovely list (i love lists, you’re probably going to see a lot of those over the coming months), typing it up, getting excited at the idea of testing myself and finally putting all those books to good use.

Maybe it was a ‘sign’, fates way of telling me that the first recipe I’d chosen to cook for my Neglected Cookbook challenge (keyword here is ‘neglected’) was not the right one, not getting into the spirit of the challenge and so on. Because for my first recipe I’d chosen my brand new cookbook, Jamies Great Britain, which couldn’t be further from neglected as I am absolutely itching to cook everything in it! There is nothing like a brand new cookbook that you’ve wanted for ages (in my little world anyway), and every time I get one I promise myself that i will make the most of this one, not use it a few times in the honeymoon period and then mug it off a month in. However, promises were made to be broken, and thats why I have a lot of cookbooks that have been used and then abused. I thought my first recipe for this challenge would be from a dusty book that time  – and myself –  forgot. But no, it’s from the new one, and it is Empire Chicken, with Bombay roast spuds and Indian gravy. And no way could that be cooked in a pitifully warm oven. I saw Jamie cook this on his programme last year and it looked bloody delicious, so fingers crossed it lives up to Mr Olivers hype, when we finally get round to cooking it.

Or maybe the bulb went because this week has been the week Lightbulbs Conspired Against Us. The bathroom and hallway spotlights all went, both the headlights on the car, and then the indicator light. It was inevitable that the oven bulb would go, all I’m waiting for now is fridge light to go and then we’ve had a full set!

So me and the boyfriend had to resort to chicken kebabs from a takeaway, not exactly the great start to this that I imagined, but when life hands you lemons, f**k ’em. The challenge will now officially start tomorrow, luckily for me my chicken, potatoes and gravy are all prepped and just need chucking in the oven when we get in from work tomorrow.

Speaking of the list, I’ve chosen 3 or 4 recipes from each book that I’ve never cooked before and plan to tick maybe 3 off each week. There’s some amazing looking recipes that I can’t wait to try, and some unusual ones that I’m a little intimidated by but curious enough to overcome these trifling feelings! Be prepared for a fair few cheesecakes popping up, I love them and see this as a perfect opportunity to buy up England’s supply of Philly cheese.

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