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Cookbook Neglecter

I’ve come to the realisation that I have an awful amount of cook books. Considering I only started collecting them 5 years ago, I’ve done a pretty good job of amassing a small library! Now, it’s not in the league of Nigellas collection (but what could be?), but for a 26 year old woman only a recent convert to cooking, I’ve not done a bad job. Only problem is, I never find time to cook from them all. I have favourite cookbooks and favourite recipes, but I generally don’t branch out of my comfort zone. Leaving a lot of cookbooks neglected and unloved on my bookcase, for no good reason other than I am creature of habit. Well the times they are a – changing! I’ve realised the solution to this problem is, of course, setting myself a hugely unrealistic challenge of using them ALL, by compiling a list of recipes from each book that I’ve either been dying to try but haven’t got around to,or recipes that I’ve been a bit too intimidated by and end up bypassing completely. And then ticking them all off the list gradually and blogging about it, mainly for myself but if anyone else is interested, come along for the ride!

I’m hoping by doing this I can try new flavours, techniques and combinations, bring to life some neglected, never used cookbooks which deserve to be cooked from, and find newer, more unusual recipes in the cookbooks I already love. I’m in the planning stages for this already, and will be up and cooking up a storm in no time – watch this space….

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